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Our mission is to engage, inform and support the pet community inspiring best practice and making Norwich Best for Pets.

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What to ‘do’ if you lose/find an animal and also tips on ‘being ‘prepared’. In brief, contact your local council for lost/found dogs (interactive map), the RSPCA for injury/welfare (see below) and the police for dangerous dogs. We hope that this is useful.


If you live in the Norwich area you are very lucky! There is a wonderful group called Lost and Found Cats in Norwich. They have kindly allowed us to share their advice but check them out on Facebook – they are amazing and will do their best to advise you wherever you are.


We have also included a list of some of the other local rescue centres that may be able to help. Please bear in mind that sadly rescues are hugely over-subscribed – they will do their best but do not always have the resources to help immediately.

Being prepared for losing/finding an animal may not only help you in a crisis but may assist you in helping someone else.


If you own a pet:


Make sure you have a recent photo and a note of any distinguishing marks and their microchip number. The more details you give your microchip provider the better (as with Doglost below).


Pre-register them with Doglost www.doglost.co.uk,     Helpline: 0844 800 3220, admin@doglost.co.uk


As well as your pets’ details being pre-registered, you can also opt to receive text/email alerts re lost animals in your area. With a lost animal time is always critical so this can be a real help. Animals other than dogs can be registered.


Make sure the local council/Dog Warden’s telephone number is saved into your phone. If you are going on holiday it might be useful to check and add other areas too. Please see the interactive map for council contact details.